8 Of The Greatest Travel Applications You Should Have On Your Smartphone

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June 3, 2022

Travelers rely on their cellphones more than ever when it comes to planning as well as going on vacation. Travel applications are handy for booking and handling logistics, as well as making dinner reservations and finding a terrific fitness class wherever you’re going next. 

There are lots of applications to aid with anything from last-minute hotel reservations to travel guides and foreign-language translators that fit in your hand. Applications can assist you in navigating a new location, converting currencies, packing the right bag, and even providing on-the-ground local knowledge. There’s an app for everything you need when you’re on the road. Furthermore, no one requires an overabundance of goofy apps on their smartphone. We’ve put up a list of the greatest resources for the tech-savvy traveler. 

1. Citymapper


Citymapper is a sophisticated, easy-to-use, and also entertaining travel planner that includes real-time departures and disturbance warnings, as well as Uber compatibility and cycling routes. It’s accessible in about 30 locations throughout the world, covering all of the obvious city-break choices. It also informs you how long your jetpack ride will take — worthless information, but perhaps something to cheer you up if your train is canceled. 

2. PackPoint


PackPoint makes packing a breeze by producing a personalized list of things you’ll need for your trip. Enter your destination, trip dates, length of stay, and any activities that may need specific equipment, such as hiking or swimming, and the app will generate an unique packing list that you can keep for future reference. The software not only checks the weather for you, but it also allows users to share their packing lists with other travelers.

3. Dayuse.com


If you’re stranded in the middle of a long stopover, Dayuse can get you into a hotel room for a few hours for up to 75% less than the standard overnight fee. The app has 5,000 hotels in 23 countries and allows you to cancel your reservation for free at the last minute if you catch an earlier flight. Payments are done directly when you arrive, and options range from business hotels to wellness lodgings. For the length of your stay, you also get access to all of the hotel’s facilities. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices. 

4. Kiwi


Kiwi is mostly used to book flights, but it can also handle all of your other travel needs, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and even excursions and tours. During a long stopover, the app gives essential information about destinations and even airports, such as where to find lounges, ATMs, and luggage storage. Flights may be booked in a variety of ways, including round-trip, one-way, and multi-city. Use the unique Nomad function, which has flying routes drawn out for you in packages, such as the Tour Europe option, if you’re looking for ideas. This one provides a custom itinerary that includes, among other things, the cheapest way to spend three to five nights in Amsterdam, three to five nights in Barcelona, and three to five nights in Paris. 

5. Airbnb


Use the Airbnb app to book house rentals instead of hotels. You may filter results according to on property type, price, required facilities, and more after inputting your destination and dates — and for those last-minute trips, you can search solely for properties that don’t require pre-approval. You may book immediately through the app if you see anything you like. You can access all of your reservations under the “Trips” page, where you may examine your reservation (along with the address or instructions), contact the host, or alter your appointment while on the road. You may also browse and book local experiences in your area, such as wine tastings, kayak tours, walks, performances, concerts, and more, once you’ve made a reservation. 

6. XE Currency

XE Currency

XE is the go-to website for currency conversions on the internet, so it’s no wonder that its app has over 20 million downloads since its introduction. It includes a number of business-oriented features, such as precious metals rates and historical currency charts, but it’s most beneficial for travelers because it can convert any international currency. It also works offline by keeping the most recent rates, which is useful if you’re in an area with restricted internet access or want to preserve data. 

7. Eatwith


Eatwith gives you the opportunity to dine with natives in their homes across the world. You may view menus online, and hosts will usually specify what they prepare, the languages they speak, and any alcohol pairings they’ll be providing. Not only does the app allow you to meet locals and receive excellent eating suggestions, but it also allows you to have a high-quality meal for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal. 

8. Timeshifter


What better method to get rid of jet lag than by using an app? Timeshifter begins assisting you in avoiding jet lag well before your journey takes off, as well as providing in-flight and post-flight recommendations. The app uses sleep and circadian rhythms research from neuroscience to deliver individualized suggestions for each traveler, taking into account their age, gender, and usual sleep habits, as well as details about their trip and travel plans. Timeshifter shows you when you should stay awake or sleep, avoid or seek light, and take a nap. It even advises you if you should take serotonin or caffeine supplements.


To summarize, the aforementioned applications are excellent travel apps that you should have on your smartphone; they may help you in every way imaginable to make your holiday a success.

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