Best 8 Things To Do In El Salvador

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November 18, 2022

Visitors are sometimes unaware of El Salvador’s extensive network of national parks and historical monuments because of its proximity to Costa Rica and Panama, two of its more well-known allies. Hikers who adore the great outdoors and nature can enjoy climbing Cerro El Pital to reach El Salvador’s highest peak or taking a refreshing plunge in the hot springs close to Coatepeque Caldera.

Architecture admirers will enjoy some of the stunning buildings, like the San Salvador Cathedral and the Cathedral of Santa Ana. The Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo, the National Palace, and the Tazumal Mayan archaeological site are other places and attractions that tourists shouldn’t skip. Prior to your visit, we advise calling the restaurants and attractions to confirm the most recent operating hours.

Top Activities in El Salvador

1. Cerro El Pital

Cerro El Pital

Cerro El Pital is a peak in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas Mountain range that is situated on the border between El Salvador and Honduras. The mountain is El Salvador’s highest peak and its coldest location; it climbs over 9,000 feet above sea level. Visitors may discover the cloud forest’s rich biodiversity at one of the most visited tourist destinations in the nation. People may encounter a wide variety of plant and animal species, including quetzals and other threatened species. Visitors may take pleasure in a tasty supper at a community restaurant in the foothills in addition to the pleasant trek and stunning surroundings.

2. Coatepeque Caldera

Coatepeque Caldera

When visiting the Coatepeque Caldera, a big crater lake surrounded by forested hills, visitors will be able to observe a great deal. Teopan Island, which was once a holy spot for the ancient Maya, is located across the gorgeous blue lake. Izalco Volcano and the imposing Santa Ana Volcano are two other sights that tourists may enjoy. At the Coatepeque Caldera, visitors may go hiking, explore the area, and cool down in the lake or in the hot springs that are close to the lake’s edge. A fresh and delectable supper at one of the restaurants along the coast is a great way for visitors to round off their trip while taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

3. Ahuachapan


For a good introduction to El Salvador if you are traveling across the border from Guatemala, spend the day at Ahuachapan. The town’s main square, Parque Concordia, is an excellent place for people to see. Take a peek at Inglesia Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción while you’re there.

4. Los Ausoles Geysers

Los Ausoles Geysers

One of the best things to do in Ahuachapan is to explore the geothermal geysers at Los Ausoles. Public transportation is available and it is 5 kilometers from the town. To get out at Los Ausoles, simply board bus #809 ($0.25) at Parque General Francisco Menendez. Hot springs that create bubbling mud pools and steam may be found near Los Ausoles. It’s a pretty cool place, even if it’s sweltering hot below ground!

5. Cathedral of Santa Ana

Cathedral of Santa Ana

In the middle of El Salvador stands the Neo-Gothic Cathedral of Santa Ana, also known as Our Lady Saint Anne. Its architectural design differs significantly from other cathedrals in the nation that tourists will view, which were mostly constructed in the Spanish colonial style. Since it was finished in 2016, both residents and tourists frequently visit the cathedral. Visitors ought to view the cathedral’s marble altar dedicated to the Virgin Mary as well as its six magnificent bell towers. The eight bronze sculptures of dogs that are said to guard the cathedral are another feature of it that shouldn’t be overlooked.

6. El Rosario Church (Iglesia El Rosario)

El Rosario Church (Iglesia El Rosario)

If it weren’t for the lone, featureless white cross rising from El Rosario Church’s entryway, you probably wouldn’t notice the gloomy, hangar-like structure as you strolled through the gray concrete arch. But don’t let its gloomy exterior deter you; as you enter the church, you’ll find a striking wall of color waiting for you. The arching walls, which are the inspired work of artist Ruben Martinez, are decorated with sculptures made of scrap metal and have a number of tiered windows made of brightly colored glassware that fill the open, pillar-free hall with a kaleidoscope of light.

The church, which was constructed in 1971, was both controversial and avant-garde, and it continues to be one of El Salvador’s most distinctive and iconic buildings. The burial site of José Matas Delgado, better known as “Padre Delgado,” the founder of Central American independence, is El Rosario Church.

7. National Palace

National Palace

The present National Palace in El Salvador provides tourists with a glimpse into the country’s political, historical, and cultural history. It was constructed to replace the previous one, which was destroyed in a fire in the late 1880s. Its four major rooms and more than 100 smaller auxiliary ones provide visitors a distinctive view of this little South American nation’s historical, political, and national background. Despite the fact that government offices haven’t been located here since the mid-1970s, tourists are advised that many of the Palace’s chambers are currently off limits to the general public.

However, a visit to this well-known monument is still worthwhile since the furniture from the early 1900s and the thoughtfully kept historical exhibits paint a more complete picture of the city’s vibrant past. Don’t forget to visit the Salon Rojo, where the Foreign Ministry hosted its lavish banquets, the Salon Amarillo, where the president formerly resided, and the Salon Rosado, where the nation’s Supreme Court previously met.

8. Tazumal


Tazumal is a part of Chalchuapa, a much bigger ancient Mesoamerican metropolis. In the 1940s and 1950s, archaeologist Stanley Boggs unearthed and repaired the pre-Columbian Maya archaeological site. A variety of buildings, including the main pyramid, B1-1, and the almost 240-by-285-foot Great Platform by Boggs, may now be explored by visitors.

Visitors may view these and many other relics from Tazumal in the Tazumal site museum, including pottery vessels, a polychrome bowl, different pieces of jade, animal bones, and seashells.


In conclusion, the aforementioned things to do in El Salvador will make your trip there a very special one. For the best and most amazing experience ever, be sure to visit all the spots listed above.

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