Best Waterfalls in Alaska & How to Visit Them

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April 12, 2024

If you want to be near nature and wildlife while still having a scenic view in front of your eyes when you wake up, Alaska is the place to go. You will encounter all of nature’s riches in America’s “Last Frontier,” including glaciers, oceans, mountains, and waterfalls.

Alaska is home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls, with breathtaking cascades framed by lush forests, alpine lakes, and majestic mountains. These waterfalls can now be explored by boat, hiking, rail, or an excellent road trip. There is a kind of magic in those waterfalls that will make your entire journey both relaxing and enjoyable. Alaska has every type of waterfall, from easy to access to those that demand a hike to experience the magnificence firsthand. So, we’ve attempted to provide you with the 9 best waterfalls in Alaska and a route to see them in this blog post.

Thunderbird Falls

Thunderbird falls
#image Credit – FATMAP

Thunderbird Fall, located on Old Glenn Hwy in Chugiak, is the most famous fall for family recreation. The water gushes through a 200-foot-deep gorge. The Chugiak trail is deemed family-friendly because it is short and will not exhaust your children too quickly. The trail is well-maintained, and you should stay to it rather than take a dangerous and unrecommended alternative route. When you arrive at the waterfall, use a viewing platform to obtain a clear view. However, keep in mind that thunderbird falls can be slippery. Carry safety equipment on your shoes, such as ice grippers, to lessen the possibility of harm. A brisk walk of a 1.8-mile walk along the Chugiak trail will bring you to Thunderbird falls.

Bridal Veil Falls

bridal veil falls
#image Credit – Northern ontario travel

One of the loveliest waterfalls in Skagway is the misty Bridal Veil Falls, located along the Klondike Highway. A Skagway River tributary powers the waterfall. The waterfall may be seen from the highway, where a part of the fall cascades around 50 feet into a rocky pool. It provides an excellent perspective from the roadway. However, visiting Bridal Falls via the Historic White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad takes it to a new level. Try to keep your camera handy when you visit this scenic site, no matter where you choose to watch the waterfall.

South Fork Eagle River Falls

South fork eagle river falls
#image Credit – reddit

This fall is well-known for its stunning surroundings. It is nestled in a river gorge. To access South Fork Eagle River Falls, hike a 2.1-kilometer out-and-back trek near Eagle River, Alaska. It’s a simple course that will take about 35 minutes to complete. This is a popular hiking destination. If you wish to continue your adventurous excursion, travel to Chugach National Forest. The two channels are the standout feature of this fall. This is one of Alaska’s many waterfalls with the shortest loop routes, measuring about 0.9 miles. Several furry pals will help you take this journey to the next level.

Russian River Falls

Russian river falls
#image Credit – OnlyInYourState

The Russian River on the Kenai Peninsula attracts many visitors during the exhilarating yearly salmon river rushes between May and September. It also tumbles over high rocks to form a spectacular cascade. To go to the Russian River Falls, use the Sterling Highway to the trailhead, which is about an hour away from Seward. There may also be excursions to and from Seaward to reach the Russian river falls. The stroll through the white spruce forest to the viewing platform from the waterfall and wildlife watching is pretty exciting. There will also be brown and black bears eating salmon. One of Alaska’s most magnificent views is seeing fall in the scenic canyon with wild sockeye salmon rushing upstream.

Blackstone Falls

Blackstone falls
#image Credit – Shutterstock

Blackstone Falls can only be reached by boat. Glacier quest cruises take you on a 45-mile voyage that lasts about 4 hours. This trip will take you by beautiful glaciers and a magnificent waterfall. During this journey, you will observe a 500-foot Blackstone fall into the murky depths below. This might be an excellent family vacation because cruises are available from Monday to Friday for several journeys.

Ketchikan Creek Falls

ketchikan creek falls
#image Credit – Flickr

It would be best if you went up the old downtown Ketchikan to reach the beautiful Ketchikan Creek waterfall. You can also go to the well-known Salmon Ladder. The salmon run takes place from mid-July until mid-September. The silver fishes that strive to swim across the foaming brook enchant visitors. Historic buildings perched on silts will entice you. You can also take the Married Man’s Trail at the staircase, which winds through the town’s river and harbor. This is where you’ll find the water and the Salmon ladder.

Brook falls

brook falls
#image Credit – alaska’s gold creek lodge

Brook Falls, located deep within Katmai National Park and Preserve, is next on our list. It is a large volcanic area famed for its abundant fish. The trek to Brook Falls is unique and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. From July to September, people are guaranteed to observe bears since they come here to eat the returning salmon. The region also has a seasonal visitor center and a campground. To safely connect with this mesmerizing display, guests are required to stand on an elevated viewing platform.

Liberty Falls

Liberty falls
#image Credit- Pixels

Liberty Falls is an excellent site to stop if you’re driving across Alaska, even in an RV! The Liberty Falls State Recreation Site is the ADA facility you want to use before walking the trail up to the falls, with camping areas available for 15 days and no RV size limit. Set up camp a day ahead of time! Staying here will cost you $25. Spend time with friends and family, cooking, laughing, and telling scary stories. However, don’t stay up too late! You’ll embark on a 1.7-mile climb to see the stunning Liberty Falls the following day. If you aren’t a camper, it is free to park, adore the waterfall, and leave.

Rudleston Falls

Rudleston falls
#image Credit- Adventures of A+K

Upon venturing to the east side of Alaska, you will reach the vacation city of Valdez. Further, moving forward at the Richardson Highway at the right of it, you will find this beautiful cloudy Rudleston Falls. It is located directly across a rock face remarked upon old railway tunnel. These lovely falls drop gently and broadly across a rock wall, surrounded by lush foliage and wildflowers in the summer. It’s a popular spot for people to take photos, whether for special occasions or a great Instagram grid shot!


So, the falls mentioned above are the ideal option if you want to get close to Mother Nature or spend quality time with your friends and family. At the same time, you will be calm and entranced. The list is exhaustive because Alaska is one of those destinations with many scenic falls that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

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